Fearless Worldwide, LLC was founded in 2016 in an industrial studio in downtown Kansas City, MO. Our vision is to provide tools for artists to be successful, including: artist management, brand development, creative consulting, artist development, audio engineering, and entrepreneurship guidance. The goal of Fearless Worldwide is to be more than a systematic music label by pushing past the standard boundaries. We want to strive to be the best in all aspects of music, ranging from social media presence to merchandise guidance, in order to ensure the most value for our clients. Above all else, Fearless Worldwide stands as the entity that inspires anyone who dreams big but may not have the proper guidance. We want to omit any limited thinking that stands as barriers blocking the success of our clients and the life they aspire to have. Limited thinking is synonymous to fear. Here at FEARLESS, we believe that conquering those fears will unlock our full potential. We believe that after you face that fear head on, your dream is on the other side.

- Founder & CEO